Saturday, December 15, 2018

South Beach Smoke Smokeless Cigarettes: The New Lifestyle Trend For Smokers

Smoking tobacco cigarettes is a habit that turns out as unpleasant because of the inconvenience it brings to the user and the people around him. With the availability of smokeless cigarettes in the market, smokers find the product delightful due to its many advantages. They do not leave odor on hands, clothes and inside the mouth. They do not produce offensive smoke because in lieu of burned tobacco, an odorless water vapour is emitted into the air. A smokeless cigarette is a device that creates no ash or form stubs after use. The counterpart of a tobacco cigarette flame is the built-in LED light in each smokeless cigarette that glows with a puff. It also lights up whenever battery is low. Using a smokeless cigarette does not equate to any social stigma; in fact the habit is more liberating unlike using the traditional cigarette because it is widely acceptable in most no-smoking areas. For a cheaper price, smokeless cigarettes allow a smoker to taste and feel what real cigarettes have. Surprising as it may sound, even non-smokers are pleased with the invention of a smoking product that is not as uncomfortable as a tobacco cigarette when lighted and puffed.

With this new trend gaining popularity as days pass by, entrepreneurs took advantage of the concept and made it into a lucrative business venture. One reputable brand of smokeless cigarettes is South Beach Smoke. It is a leading manufacturer in the industry offering four kinds of starter kits with discounted prices ranging from $29.99 to $94.99. A starter kit mainly has a lithium ion battery, an atomizer that makes the vapor, a portable wall charger, and between five and six large nicotine cartridges that would be equivalent to about six to eight packs of regular cigarettes. Orders are shipped in most countries around the world, and every order bears a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty.

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