Saturday, December 15, 2018

Smoketip Review

Integrating superb flavor and unique kit options that will surely suit each and every user preference, it’s no wonder why more and more savvy smokers are fast switching to Smoketip electronic cigarettes.

Nonetheless, before firing up your browser to grab your very own Smoketip starter kit online, we will go through its finer assets – as well as the not so good ones – to help you make an informed decision about whether or not it’s worth buying.

What’s Hot?

  • Diverse flavor and nicotine strength options. Apart from having a virtual ice cream store of specialty cartridges such as apple, cherry, peach, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, almond and clove, Smoketip offers customizable nicotine concentration choices from zero strength through 16 milligrams to give you the zip and freshness you’ve always wanted.
  • Big, big savings in the long run. A single Smoketip cartridge can easily yield about the same amount of draws when compared to a pack of regular cigarettes. Although users will initially need to dish out an extra buck or two when purchasing a starter kit, the money-saving advantage follows almost instantly.
  • Economical starter kit price. With its premium starter kit that comes with two durable lithium ion batteries as well as a USB charger, six flavor cartridges and a wall adaptor only priced at an affordable $59.95 – as compared to other e-cig brands that can easily reach up to a hundred bucks a pop – you’ve certainly got a winning contender right here for the most competitively-priced e-cig in the market.
  • No extra charges. Besides offering no extra shipping costs, Smoketip also offers a lifetime warranty for all of its products. This means that the 2 lithium ion batteries, USB charger, wall adapter and 6 cartridges you’ll be getting your hands on when you purchase your starter kit are always safe when it comes to sudden leaks, unexpected breakage and other damages for keeps.

What’s Not?

  • Short battery life. Some users relate that the battery life on the Smoketip e-cigarette can be easily drained after just a few puffs to the point of inconvenience. Due to its small size, it can’t hold as much juice like most other e-cig brands.
  • Not too “realistic” flavor options. While Smoketip may offer a veritable collection of fresh flavors, choices like vanilla, strawberry and clove might not totally appeal to meticulous smoking enthusiasts who are zeroing in on classic tastes such as menthol and original tobacco.

The Verdict

At a measly $59.95, Smoketip may be one of the most economical choices for e-cigs nowadays. However, this doesn’t mean that its line of unique products is cheaply made. Aside from the lifetime warranty and free shipping, you’ll be in for distinct electronic cigarette flavors that will surely impress even the most demanding users. While there may be a couple of drawbacks here and here, getting your very own Smoketip starter kit is definitely a smart choice.

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