Saturday, December 15, 2018

Smokeless Delite Review

With Smokeless Delite electronic cigarettes, you can now enjoy refreshing puffs anytime and anywhere you want without emptying your bank account. Although somewhat a newcomer in the electronic cigarette business, Smokeless Delite e-cigs have become one of the more recognized brands in the market due to their competitive pricing and diverse selection of flavors.

However, before you get your hands on your very own Smokeless Delite starter kit, you might want to check out the following pros and cons to easily make a savvy decision if it’s really worth the $80 price tag. Let’s begin with the positive points:

Efficient e-cigarette design. Unlike most other brands that feature a cumbersome three-piece assembly, Smokeless Delite headlines a screw-on, two-piece combo that is as convenient to use as it is durable. Enjoying a cool drag or two only requires attaching both components, which takes about less than a minute, and you’re definitely good to go.

Unique lineup of flavors. Smokeless Delite offers a veritable selection of flavors that will surely impress even the most demanding electronic cigarette user. Apart from the regular and menthol varieties, you can also zero in on fresh options like strawberry, orange, vanilla, pineapple and their plat du jour, energy drink.

Automatic cartridge refills. No need to call up your nearest local Smokeless Delite distributor when you’re out of cartridges. The company has auto-ship cartridge plans where your selected refill orders will be mailed directly to your home address. As of date, no other e-cig brand is offering a similar plan or deal.

Smoking incognito. Besides retailing a mainstream electronic cigarette design, Smokeless Delite also sells e-cigs in the shape of pens for those who want to keep it as inconspicuous as possible. Not even the slightest difference in function and vapor production can be observed in both models.

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on the good stuff, here are some Smokeless Delite features that might probably put off some electronic cigarette enthusiasts:

Inconsistency in design. While Smokeless Delite e-cigarettes feature a two-piece design that can be easily screwed on together to get down to business, some users complain that the level of tightness with each combined cartridge and atomizer may vary. They can be either screwed too tight or too loose.

Not so true to life. Smokeless Delite may have taken clandestine e-cig design up a notch with its pen style model but some smoking enthusiasts may find it somewhat unrealistic. Contrary to other brands that almost perfectly copy the look and feel of regular cigarettes, theirs may not be that convincing.

There you have it. The good and not so good stuff about Smokeless Delite electronic cigarettes presented in this brief review. A standard $80 starter kit includes a pack of multi-flavor cartridges, two lithium ion batteries, an atomizer, a charger and a 110 volt power cord. How about grabbing a kit right away and assess Smokeless Delite e-cigs yourself?


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