Saturday, December 15, 2018

Are smokeless cigarretes safe?

Many people are unable to kick the habit of smoking tobacco and apart from the health hazards, it is a very expensive habit. People become addicted to the drug and for many it is a hard habit to break. Today there are smokeless cigarettes available and some people are asking whether electronic cigarettes are safe.

With conventional smoking it is not only the smoker who suffers, people who are around smokers will also be affected by what is known as second hand smoke. Research has shown that 30 percent of the pollution in the atmosphere is as a result of cigarette smoke. Many people may feel that this is quite selfish of smokers given that their habit has such a negative effect on other people and the environment.

Smokeless cigarettes are very different in that they do not affect other people and do not have a harmful effect on the environment. They are powered by batteries and allow users to consume nicotine without affecting other people. This alone makes these a safer option for the non-smokers in the vicinity of people who smoke smokeless cigarettes.

While nicotine is never good in any shape or form, it is apparently less concentrated in smokeless cigarettes. The reason for this is that there is no tobacco in smokeless cigarettes. Users of this fake cigarette claim that they get the same experience as normal ones with the only difference being that there is no smoke emitted from the cigarette.

While the nicotine contained in the fake variety is still a drug, there are still much safer than nicotine in regular cigarettes, as they do not contain all the harmful substances found in normal cigarettes. Fake ones do not involve users having to physically inhale the smoke with all its poisonous substances. The vaporized version of nicotine is what makes it a better bet than the regular variety.

A vast number of deaths attributed to smoking are due to lung problems as a result of inhaling smoke and this is not an issue with the smokeless variety. Many smokers are reporting that they feel healthier since switching to the fake version. Some even testify that spouses and children are more likely to come for a hug and a kiss now that there is no fouler smelling smoke hanging around the smoker.

It would appear that the answer to the question whether electronic cigarettes are safe, is a resounding yes. It is reported that people can use these indoors and that is enough said. Perhaps the actuaries can start adjusting the mortality tables now that we have smokeless cigarettes.

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