Saturday, December 15, 2018

How do smokeless cigarettes work?

There are five main components to smokeless cigarettes and  these are what makes them work. There is the cartridge or mouthpiece, the battery, which is used to house the circuitry, the heating element or atomizer, the container and the LED (light emitting diode). All of these combine to give smokers the pleasure of lighting up and enjoying the smoking sensation.

As the user inhales on the smokeless cigarette, he or she causes airflow to be created and this activates the heating element. When the heating element is activated, a nicotine solution is vaporized. The nicotine solution is stored in the mouthpiece and this is how the user gets to consume the nicotine.

The LED is what gives the impression of the smokeless cigarette glowing on the end. Not all of them contain the LED, as it is not critical to the functionality of the smokeless cigarette. Manufacturers have done their best to make the smokeless cigarette look as authentic as possible.

The mouthpiece has an absorbent material that is made moist by the flavored liquid solution. Another name for the mouthpiece is the cartridge. It is often refilled or replaced with the flavored substance. The heating element or atomizer causes the liquid to vaporize and then smoker can then inhale the vaporized liquid.

Most smokeless cigarettes have a lithium ion battery that is rechargeable and this is how the heating element becomes hot.  The battery life is dependent on a variety of factors such as the operating environment, how often it is used and the size and type of the battery. The kit comes with a battery charger and is compatible with USB ports, car attachments and wall outlets.

Some of the electronic circuits have a mechanism that cuts off so that overheating is prevented. It is also necessary to have an LED device for this purpose. The manufacturers have thought of everything when designing the smokeless cigarettes.

Smokers are able to choose from a variety of flavors when selecting the liquid nicotine solution. Nicotine strength varies and smokers can choose the strength that they require. Some of the solutions do not even contain nicotine while some are quite strong. While some of the flavors are designed to be similar to conventional cigarette flavors, many smokeless flavor options include sweet flavors such as caramel, orange, mint, vanilla and strawberry flavor.

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