Saturday, December 15, 2018

Are Smokeless Cigarettes Bad For You?

With almost everything in this day and age going digital, it’s not a surprise why smokers these days are looking for a more modern touch to take the habit to a whole new higher level.

Enter: smokeless cigarettes. Besides continuing to receive high acclaims and reviews from aficionados who have smoked the conventional cigarette for numerous years, these innovative inventions are gaining more and more followers each and every day.

For the uninitiated, smokeless cigarettes are battery-powered devices that provide inhaled doses of nicotine or non-nicotine vaporized solutions. They are non–flammable products that utilize advanced micro-electronic technology, which provides aficionados a real “smoking” experience without the fire, flame, ash, stub or smell found in conventional cigarettes.

With smokeless cigarettes, enjoying a puff or two has become a cosmopolitan luxury rather than a distasteful habit. These gizmos are fast gaining on global popularity because of the numerous benefits that they offer. Never heard even a single good thing about these babies? You’re sure to make the switch once you finish this post.

A smokeless cigarette is just like the regular ones you can get easily get access to at your local convenience store, with the taste and feel undeniably the same as your favorite brand. It is a very viable alternative to the traditional cigarette, but unlike the latter, it doesn’t burn and therefore doesn’t create smoke. Despite the lack of smoke, however, the vapor it produces is still able to fully give users the bold flavor and sensation that inhaled tobacco smoke provides.

Skeptics would generally argue that since smokeless cigarettes still deliver nicotine, then why should they be considered safer than traditional brands available nowadays? Well, this is where the similarities end and the extra brownie points for the smokeless varieties start to pile up.

Safe for the budget. With the current costs of traditional cigarettes, an average smoker is most likely to spend more than $1500 annually just to regularly score refreshing puffs from his or her favorite brand. Smokeless cigarettes offer a low-cost solution by providing the same satisfaction for roughly a couple of bucks per cartridge refill. Plus, they feature a wide range of flavors and nicotine strengths to choose from. These include menthol, regular, cherry, apple, chocolate, banana and strawberry, which are also available in zero, light, medium and full selections.

Safe to use anywhere. Ever been denied a cool nicotine fix just because you’re indoors? With these handy devices, you can have the privilege of smoking anywhere you want, anytime you want. You won’t even have to be cautious of smoking bans and similar prohibitions ever again. Craving for a puff while at work? Just reach for your smokeless cigarette and you’re definitely good to go even when you’re at the office, airport, a fancy restaurant or perhaps a library. How awesome is that?

Safe from fire hazards. Say goodbye to ugly burn holes on your carpet, furniture, or car seats. No more messy ashes or poisonous residues to clean up, too. Since these devices don’t rely on flames to get down to business, you can even have a couple of drags in your bed or perhaps while taking care of your little one. Needless to say, you can’t ever do that with traditional cigarettes!

Safe for your hygiene. Since smokeless cigarettes only mimic the sensation and flavor that you get from their traditional cousins, you won’t have to put up with unpleasant oral smell that you get after a few puffs. Even if you just had a third or fourth refill, you’ll still have an icy fresh breath and an even cooler disposition knowing people won’t be giving you the cold shoulder anytime soon for having bad breath. Why not take the plunge now with and switch to the much more cooler side of smoking?

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