Saturday, December 15, 2018

Smokeless Cigarettes – Are They Safe?

Safety is almost always the first thing that comes to mind when someone sees you smoking a smokeless cigarette. However, before we can accurately add up if smokeless cigarettes are indeed safer than their traditional counterparts, we first need to have a general idea how these devices work.

A smokeless cigarette is essentially made up of three (3) main components: a battery, a nicotine cartridge and an atomizer, which work in unison to deliver inhaled doses of nicotine or non-nicotine vaporized solutions. In addition to the transmission of nicotine, the vapors produced also provide a flavor and physical sensation akin to that of inhaled tobacco smoke, although there is no actual tobacco, combustion or smoke present.

Believe it or not, smokeless cigarettes mimic their traditional opposites in many ways. Apart from having the taste, feel and look of any other traditional cigarette available in the market, some smokeless varieties even have a red or blue LED attachment at the tip that emulates the flickering glow of a real cigarette “cherry” whenever the device is inhaled upon.

Smokeless cigarettes come with refillable cartridges that feature a number of flavor options like regular, apple, menthol and strawberry with adaptable nicotine strengths which range from full to medium, as well as light to none, that will surely suit every smoking aficionado’s taste and preference.

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s discuss why more and more enthusiasts are switching to smokeless cigarettes daily, whether they’re looking for a smarter alternative to traditional cigarettes or perhaps just riffing through the possible benefits of smokeless cigarette brands or models to try next.

Perhaps the best selling point of smokeless cigarettes is the price. More than a handful of smokers continually spend upwards of $1000 on cigarettes annually, and with the current state of economy we’re having, the exorbitant price tags for quality won’t be letting up soon. While you normally dish out $6 to $7 for a pack of traditional cigarettes, you only have to spend $2 for the same equivalent when you opt for the smokeless variety.

And because they’re totally smokeless, you can now have a refreshing puff or two indoors safe and free from smoking bans. You can even get your nicotine fix in bars, airports, restaurants, clubs, libraries, and even offices. Plus, since there is no actual flame involved, you can finally say goodbye to ugly burn holes on your clothes, carpet, furniture or car seats. Just imagine: you can smoke anywhere you want and no more messy ashes or poisonous residues to clean up, too!

To conclude, smokeless cigarettes are undoubtedly safer – particularly in the economic sense – than their traditional counterparts because they offer a more affordable opportunity for smokers to enjoy the habit at a more reasonable price. Are you a savvy smoking enthusiast who’s looking for a superb alternative for less? Try switching to smokeless cigarettes right away — as well as giving a daily browse — and discover why it is taking the whole country by storm.

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