Saturday, December 15, 2018

RHOBH Chick Makes Herself and Electronic Cigarettes Talk of the Town

Reality TV star Allison DuBois of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) made news not only because of her reported bad behavior shocking some die-hard RHOBH fans, but also for smoking an electronic cigarette during “The Dinner Party from Hell” episode aired on December 16, 2010. DuBois is a known book author and psychic whose life and book Don’t Kiss Them Good-Bye inspired the story behind the TV series Medium with Patricia Arquette playing her. She uses her abilities to fight crime in tandem with U.S. police officials. There were mixed reviews about DuBois’ manner of smoking electronic cigarettes, which a lot of viewers said was weird being “so 1920’s”.

When asked about her smoking scene, DuBois’ reply was “I was smoking an electronic cigarette—that was water vapor, not smoke.” Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs are popular as a great alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes nowadays because it gives a feel of smoking the real thing minus the negative attributes of ordinary cigarettes. Smoking an electronic cigarette produces smoke-like water vapor automatically with every puff detected by a built-in airflow sensor, instead of creating smoke out of burned tobacco when using an actual cigarette. The LED light of an electronic cigarette then resembles a real cigarette flame when puffing, changing colors when the light glows from red to red orange.

Origins of the electronic cigarette concept were traced in China. Los Angeles Times quoted Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik as its inventor following his father’s demise due to lung cancer. Other references regard Ruyan Group Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong firm, as the inventor and the first to launch electronic cigarettes and the e-pipe in China during the mid-2000s.

There are many nice things about the new habit of smoking electronic cigarettes. One is that it eliminates chances of having smoker’s breath, offending people because the vapor has no foul odor, leaving ash and stubs, and causing harm on other people and objects because it does not produce real flame. Another advantage is that it is not as costly as tobacco cigarettes because one electronic cigarette stick can last for a long period of time with a fully-charged battery. Third, it gives its user the freedom that tobacco cigarettes cannot provide: smoking in almost all places without contemplating about possible social stigmas. Electronic cigarettes are now accepted in modern society, thanks to Allison DuBois for giving the product the media hype it deserves.

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