Saturday, December 15, 2018

Quitting smoking with an iphone

Many people die of lung cancer day in and day out, and smoking is one of the major causes. It doesn’t just weaken the respiratory system; it also causes bad breath, yellowish teeth, heart diseases and faster aging.

As technology progresses, more and more ways are being discovered to help smokers be more in control of their smoking habits. Apart from the innovative electronic cigarettes, there are various iPhone quit smoking applications useful in changing smokers’ lives for the better. Here are some applications to try:

• Since iQuit
This is one iPhone application for smokers who have recently stopped puffing smokes and want to check their progress from time to time since they decided to quit.

• Gotta KickIt Now
This is one of the iPhone quit smoking applications that prevents the “cold turkey” feeling. It makes the smoker gradually lessen his cigarette use with a countdown, a smoking schedule, and a savings tracker for monitoring purposes.

• No Smoking Life
This has almost the same features as Gotta KickIt Now, yet it lets you decide on which item you want to purchase (the “Target”) with the savings you’ve made for quitting smoking and gives you a view on how you have increased your lifespan.

• Smoke Track
As a form of self-discipline like puffing an electronic cigarette, this helps you let go of that cigarette slowly but surely by keeping track of how many you’ve smoked in a day.

• Coach Quit
It sets a number of cigarettes per day, decreasing as each time passes.

• My Quitline
Designed by Assistant Research Professor Dr. Lorien Abroms, this is a call and live chat hotline for those who wish to seek expert advice on quitting smoking courtesy of the National Cancer Institute.

• Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson
This certified iPhone shrink helps in putting a stop not just to smoking but also the habits that make you crave for that smoke. Clinical Hypnotherapist Andrew Johnson lets you relax and backtrack to figure out the main reason why you started the smoking habit. These will serve as a reference as to what particular pieces of advice and suggestions you need to start a new life without cigarettes.

• FixNixer
You do not need a nagging partner to make you quit as this “nagging” iPhone application gives never-ending motivational quotes. Create a profile to activate FixNixer by answering a simple questionnaire.

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