Saturday, December 15, 2018

iPhone Quit Smoking Apps

With progressive technology taking the helm of the most of our daily lives these days, many smokers who are planning to kick the habit are turning to a more modern approach other than conventional nicotine transdermal patches and mainstream replacement gums: iPhone quit smoking apps.

Initially launched in 2009, these mobile phone applications such as iQuit, GottaKickIt Now, NoSmokingLife, SmokeTrack and Coach Quit are supposedly designed to help people quit smoking in a more innovative fashion. Nonetheless, the first thing that almost always comes to mind when aspiring quitters give these apps a once over is efficiency – and perhaps a shrug of the shoulder while asking, do these iPhone quit smoking applications really work?

Contrary to popular belief, iPhone quit smoking apps feature varied attributes that are aimed to assist users to ultimately get off the habit one way or another. Don’t even have the slightest clue on how these applications get down to business? Here are a few examples to give you a heads up on some of the most popular samples that promise do get the job done in no time:

Coach Quit is a free application (at least as of the moment) that is described by followers as a “bona fide quit smoking system” that will have you lowering your nicotine levels and raising your expectations from the first day of use. Put together by Oprah Book Club regular, John Robinson, Coach Quit is programmed to provide a customized timetable for users who are looking for a unique perspective on quitting smoking for good.

GottaKickIt Now offers a more emphatic note when it comes to quitting the habit as it features how you can get more out of life and money without scoring a pack or two of your favorite smokes. This application basically tells you that if you have no cigarettes to spend on, then you’ll have no more added financial strains. No more added financial strains, the happier and richer you’ll be (although it’s $9 a pop).

Since iQuit is a very simple application to keep track of the time since the user has stopped smoking. Besides providing estimated financial savings on the money you’ve stashed since your last puff, it also acts as a motivational aid to keep you going until you’ve completely disconnected from all things smoking. This mobile application also dispenses a daily motivational quote or medical fact for an extra kick.

However, a new study finds that iPhone software applications designed to help people quit smoking fall short of the mark because they do not meet accepted standards. In the March issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine last year, it was revealed that some 47 iPhone quit smoking apps reviewed rarely helped users get assistance through counseling, hotlines or anti-smoking medications. About half of the apps supported hypnosis, which has questionable effectiveness.

While leading healthcare specialists and physicians believe that iPhone quit smoking apps do hold potential to be valuable tools to help people stop smoking and although they did some of the right things, they still do not make the cut.

What’s next for iPhone quit smoking apps? We will never know until the next one comes along — or perhaps you can give a daily browse just to keep up with the latest updates in the worldwide web?

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