Saturday, December 15, 2018

Green Smoke’s Smokeless Cigarettes A Hit Among Smokers

Smokeless cigarettes are created for a certain cause, which is to provide smokers an alternative to normal smoking with much better benefits. They make the smoking habit hassle-free, not to mention less disturbing to non-smokers around. That is why in 2008, the Green Smoke brand was born. The owners of the brand relied on technology to come up with a different type of cigarette that is highly innovative yet cheaper and more fun to use. A lot of its customers dropped tobacco smokers permanently for Green Smoke, hence the growing number of positive reviews online. Think lesser cost and lesser harm done.

Smokeless cigarettes manufactured by Green Smoke are easier to use than its exact counterparts that come as 3-piece kits. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, Green Smoke does not create or leave odor on a smoker’s breath, hands, clothing and surroundings. The water vapor serves as smoke, yet it does not form ashes after usage. Green Smoke utilizes rechargeable batteries to make smokeless cigarettes work, therefore no need for a lighter. A built-in bulb at the tip of the cigarette acts as flame that does it job with every puff. No need to leave behind or throw away cigarette butts like the old way of cigarette smoking because it has an on and off switch and a stick of Green Smoke cigarette can be kept as is until the next use.  In this way, it equates to saving more cash as compared to buying one pack after another whenever there is a need.  Another good reason to use smokeless cigarettes by Green Smoke is that it is a socially acceptable product; more and more people are starting to like it, even celebrities. One can smoke in most places that are No Smoking Zones without offending people who hate tobacco cigarette smoke within the vicinity.

Green Smoke offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to smokers who bought the product yet are not satisfied for any reason, while loyal Green Smoke users can take advantage of the 1-year Warranty upon purchase. They ship for free for orders priced over $25 worldwide except Hong Kong, Singapore, China, & Ukraine.

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