Saturday, December 15, 2018

Blu Releases Innovative “Social Networking” E-Cig

While it has been traditionally considered that smoking in a huddle with friends is a sociable activity, Blu raises the bar even higher by introducing new social networking electronic cigarettes that will let users know when other e-cig smokers are nearby.

Dubbed as “smart packs,” the groundbreaking line of Blu e-cigs highlights a social networking feature that can be used without being connected to the worldwide web. Each smart pack features an assembly of advanced radio sensors that are able to detect a fellow Blu smoker within 50 feet. As soon as a user is located, it will blink Blu’s signature bright blue LED and vibrate.

Blu founder, Jason Healy, affirms that due to this new technology, users will be able to meet up with fellow electronic cigarette smokers and even swap personal contact details that are electronically stored within the cutting-edge smart packs. To take the wow factor up a notch further, the said information can be then downloaded to a computer and can be utilized to expand your social circle on various networking sites.

Apart from linking you with fellow Blu e-cig users, the new line will also headline an innovative way to stock up on fresh cartridges or replace a battery. Smart packs can easily give you a heads up when you pass a location that retails Blu refills and accessories via a wireless connection, a feature that is as revolutionary as it is convenient.

A single smart pack kit will be sold for $80 and can last at an average of just about over 200 puffs before they need to be replaced. Designers of the product claim that the state of the art innovation will help users interact with fellow Blu smokers even in the most off the wall locations such as nightclubs and similar establishments.

Upgrades for the smart pack that will allow it to be connected to mainstream mobile devices like BlackBerrys and iPhones are already in the works, developers announce, and will be released soon.

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