Saturday, December 15, 2018

Blu E-Cigarettes: Social Networking, E-Cig Style

The next time you see Blu cig users huddling together, they are not just simply “vaping,” or for those not in the know, enjoying a few puffs from their electronic cigarettes. With the company’s new smart pack to be released in the market sometime next month, social networking will become as easy as firing up an e-cig.

Rigged with sensitive radio signals that can pick up transmissions from as much as 50 feet, the innovative device is designed to enhance client satisfaction by allowing them to socialize with fellow users. Blu founder, Jason Healy, claimed that the smart pack is so innovative that it even allows swapping valuable contact information that can be later used to establish relationships on various social networking channels.

The North Carolina-based company will sell a single kit for $80 and will include five e-cigs. Healy added that apart from having a Foursquare-esque feature of vibrating and flashing the signature light blue LED when a fellow Blu cig user is in range, the smart pack also connects with various mainstream computer applications just to take the wow factor to a whole new level.

Designers disclose that an upgraded version of the product that features a much wider compatibility spectrum will be made available in the near future. Posting Facebook status updates from an electronic cigarette doesn’t sound too fantastic now, does it?

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