Saturday, December 15, 2018

Blu Cigs

With everything going digital these days, it’s not a surprise why cigarettes are also getting the same makeover. Enter: Blu Cigs. These innovative gadgets look, feel and taste like traditional cigarettes but the similarities end there. Do you want to know why Blu Cigs are fast gathering more and more loyal patrons each and every day? Read on and you’re sure to become a convert when you finish this spread from

Blu Cigs are basically battery-powered devices that provide inhaled doses of nicotine or non-nicotine vaporized solution. They look and function just like real cigarettes in every way except that they do not burn any tobacco or emit any smoke. Apart from providing the same physical sensation you get when you puff on a real cigarette, Blue Cigs also offer the same flavor and freshness as their traditional counterparts.

Since Blu Cigs utilize an innovative non-flammable technology to be up and running, users can have the same unaltered smoking experience without the fire, tobacco, heat, ash, stub and smell found in real cigarettes. Always fumbling for a lighter when you’re craving for a drag or two? Hate getting out in the street just to savor a few refreshing puffs? With Blu Cigs, you can now smoke everywhere you want, anytime you want.

While there may be similar products available in the market, Blue Cigs are basically composed of three main components: a mouthpiece, a heating element, and a housing that contains a rechargeable battery and various electronic circuits. You just pour a bit of nicotine solution on one end, puff like you would on a traditional cigarette on the other and you’re definitely good to go. Not exactly rocket science but still an impressive piece of technology, don’t you think?

What sets BluCigs apart from real cigarettes is the price. With packet costs soaring from $6 to $10 a pop nowadays, you’ll soon be emptying your bank account if you keep on buying traditional smokes. On the other hand, cartridge refills for Blu Cigs only cost a couple of bucks and last longer, too. If you’re a savvy smoker looking for a cheaper alternative, you’ve got your answer right there.

The arrival of Blu Cigs signifies the era of modern smoking. Imaging getting that fine taste and sensation you’ve always craved for when you’re in a restaurant, library, school, airport and a lot other establishments that don’t usually allow smoking inside them. Just imagine the possibilities with Blu Cigs. Get the true smoking satisfaction you absolutely deserve minus the excessive rates the next time you give a browse.

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