Saturday, December 15, 2018

Blu Cigs Undisputed as Top Smokeless Cigarette Maker

When smokeless cigarettes were invented and made available to the general smoking public,there were mixed reactions ranging from having second thoughts and being doubtful to sighs of relief. There are some who are of the traditional kind who are not comfortable in trying new things, some who thought this kind of product is just a mere fad, and some who actually bought them and used them and felt good about making the big switch. Creators of the first smokeless cigarette believed that technology can change the world, thus technology integrated into the smoking habit can make a huge difference. This explains why smokeless cigarette manufacturers like Blu Cigs are inspired to make and maintain a real profitable business out of this life-changing innovation.

Smokeless cigarettes by Blu Cigs are made as high-end and visually-appealing replicas of tobacco cigarettes for authentic and pleasurable smoking. One can puff minus the odor-causing smoke that is unpleasant to others, the ash that serves as trash, leaving cigarette butts on ash trays, and the smell that will stick on hands and clothes and creates smoker’s breath and the odor that stays in enclosed places. They are high-end in design yet recommended especially for the budget-conscious because it is an alternative that is very practical—one stick equates to more than a pack of tobacco cigarettes. As long as the smokeless cigarette is fully charged, the puffs can be unlimited. Famous people have been spotted using electric cigarettes, so scratch that social stigma fears.

One of the best brands of electronic cigarettes in the world to date, Blu Cigs is recognized for its exceptional value-for-money starter kits and other unique details like packaging, lighting and bonus effects compared to tobacco cigarettes and other smokeless cigarette brands in the market. Pay only $69.95 for a pack of five cartridges, two batteries, plus one wall and one USB charger. It offers free shipping, 30-day money back guarantee and one year warranty. Blu Cigs’s “on-the-go charging pack” is a favorite among busy people who patronize the product. The light’s color when smoking Blue Cigs is blue, as the name suggests, which can help people feel better that they are with someone who is a smokeless cigarette user.

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