Saturday, December 15, 2018

Why Blu Cigs Have Become The Fastest Selling Electronic Cigarettes

It is well known that  blu cigs have become one of the fastest selling electronic cigarettes on the market today. It was also one of the first of its kind to be reviewed by a review website. Today, it is considered to be a favorite among smokers both nationally and internationally.

These are considered to be very economical and they retail for around seventy dollars. It is convenient as there is no upfront investment required when buying blu e cigarettes. There is a thirty day money back guarantee that comes with the purchase. The kit contains five cartridges, two batteries, a batter charger with the flavor of your choice.

The kits have recently been upgraded to include an atomizer as well. It has been noticed that these kits are half the price of other kits. Some of the more popular flavors include Cherry Crush, Vivid Vanilla, Java Jolt and Magnificent Menthol. Many consumers report that the taste of Blu is just superior to that of other e cigarettes. Many report that the Classical Tobacco flavor is just like smoking a normal cigarette.

The carry case permits users to charge the batteries while on the run. Batteries can be charged up to six times. Blu have made it very convenient for users and ensure that people are never without an e cigarette.

When users light up, the LED light lights up at the end of cigarette so that it looks like a regular cigarette. Some of them have an orange light and this looks so real that it could cause problems in places where normal smoking is banned. Many others have a blue light which is less obvious. Blu have outdone themselves and this is why they are so popular. Users claim that they are inexpensive and at the same time there is no compromise on quality. As there are zero nicotine options, it basically means that people who use the zero nicotine option have all but stopped smoking.

E cigarettes are much more cost effective than normal cigarettes and work out to be about a quarter of the price of normal cigarettes. It is not necessary to have a lighter or an ashtray. Users will eliminate the foul smelling odor that is attached to smoking regular cigarettes. Non smokers will not be offended by second hand smoke as there is no second hand smoke with e cigarettes. Users of blu cigs are still able to get the nicotine rush without offending those that are near them while smoking.

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