Tuesday, May 21, 2019

How do smokeless cigarettes save you money?

Many people who smoke cigarettes are not even aware of how much they spend on cigarettes every month. Depending on how much people smoke, it can run up to a couple of hundred dollars per month and in today’s economic climate many people can ill afford to spend that kind of money. Thankfully, smokeless cigarettes are available and users may find that they are able to save a lot of money by making the switch to the smokeless variety.

Regular smokers are contributing to damaging the environment due to the harmful gases that come from smoking. It is believed that cigarette smoke is responsible for 30 percent of the pollution in the atmosphere. These facts alone make a strong case for people thinking about shifting to smokeless cigarettes, as they cause less pollution than tobacco cigarettes.

Smokers should take stock of how much they spend each month on regular cigarettes and then multiply this over 12 months. There is no way that people spend this amount on smokeless cigarettes. Furthermore, there is no need to run out in the middle of the night because of running out of cigarettes. Apart from the actual cost of the cigarettes there is a fuel cost to going out to buy them. All of this adds up considerably.

Smokeless cigarettes still offer users the sensation of smoking and can offer users a considerable saving. There is much less waste with the smokeless cigarettes. Refilling a smokeless cigarette is far more cost effective than having to purchase new cigarettes every day or however often people run out of conventional cigarettes.

Smokeless cigarettes save money as users only change cartridges every few months and that means no outlay of money during this period. This represents massive savings over a period of time. The money spent on the initial outlay pales in insignificance when compared with buying cigarettes, on a daily or weekly basis.

While it might sound a bit stingy, smokers often offer cigarettes to people in their company and over time this can amount to a number of packets of cigarettes that are simply given away. With smokeless cigarettes this is not an issue. Conventional cigarettes are also subject to price increases and government taxes, which do not apply to the smokeless variety. If smokers sit down and do the arithmetic there is so many saving to be made by smokers that it makes good sense to switch over the smokeless kind as soon as possible.

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